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Circuit Board Assembly

Product No. HME085

If you have the desire to learn and make extra money, have an interest in electronics, and you are willing to spend your spare time assembling electronic components, then this job may be for you. You will be assembling simple printed circuit boards.  It takes an average person about 20 minutes to assemble one board.

Special Skills:  none

Income: $6.05 per board

Supplies:  All parts and printed circuit boards for you to assemble, as well as necessary instructions in simple, easy to understand form, are provided by the company.

Startup Cost: $48.90 paid in two parts.  $19.00 with the application form for a set of electronic parts (not including the printed circuit board) for your examination.  If you decide this job isn't for you, return the entire set of parts to the company within 14 days and receive a full refund, less $6.75 postage, handling and inspection charges.  (Returned kits must be complete, unused and intact.)   If you decide this is the kind of exciting opportunity you have been looking for, send the balance of the registration fee in the sum of $29.90.

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.


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