Product:  Happiness Bell

Product No: HME0072

Special Skills:  None

Our beautiful and elegant bells make gorgeous jewelry, ornaments, and are becoming a "must-have" at weddings.  

Income : $120.00 for each unit of 20 bells = $6.00 per bell

Limit of 3 units per week

Supplies:  Company reimburses supply cost plus $5.00 shipping per unit.   Purchase at local craft store and send them receipt, or purchase directly from the company. 

Startup Cost: $40.95.  $35.45 refunded after completion of third unit.  $30.45 refunded within 30 days from order date if not completely satisfied.
Kit includes easy-to-follow, complete instructions and supplies for 3 bells.

Refunds:  Return the kit within 30 days of order date to receive refund of Registration fee less $5.00 stocking fee.

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.




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