Product: Angel Pin

Product No: HME0052

Special Skills:  None

You will be assembling the base part of the angel as shown above and are made out of ribbon, lace and beads.  Any additional frills are then added by the company.  You can easily assemble 3 - 4 angels per hour.

Income : $25.00 per unit of 10 pins = $2.50 for each pin
Maximum =10 units per week

Supplies:  All supplies and shipping furnished by company.  Supply deposit of $25.00 required which is refunded to you.  Shipping costs are reimbursed by company.

Startup Cost: The cost of the Starter Kit is $42.14 and includes 1 Free Angel Pin, 1 Starter Kit $14.99, Paid registration fee of $29.95, shipping and processing fee's $2.20.  Full refund if complete kit returned within 15 days from shipment.  Refunded after completion of two units and working for company for 2 months.  Kit includes complete instructions and all supplies to assemble one angel, and completely assembled angel to use as a reference.

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.


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