Product:  Christmas Spider Ornaments

Product No: HME0044

Special Skills:  None

Not just seasonal but all year around.  Each item takes only a few minutes to assemble.  These beautiful ornaments light up any Christmas Tree and make a lovely Keepsake!  Assembled with gold ming wire and crystal 8mm & 12mm beads.

Income : $12.00 per unit of 24 ornaments = $0.50 per ornament

Supplies:  All materials furnished by company, and all postage reimbursed by company.

Startup Cost: $37.95.  Fully refunded after completing 24 units.
Kit includes completed ornament to be used as pattern, step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.
Customer service number available.
Sample ornament available for $4.00 if desired before purchasing Startup Kit.


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