Name List Processor 

Our company has been  in business for 11 years is seeking home workers to compile names and addresses and send them to us.

We market a variety of self-improvement, business opportunity publications and programs and we are also a mailing list broker that caters to a variety of national companies. 

Our direct mail clients rely on us to provide them with quality, deliverable names and addresses. Direct mailing is a very popular form of advertising.  Just look at the amount of and direct mail pieces you receive in the mail each day.

Our goal is to become one of the largest name brokers in America, our clients need more addresses - you could help us reach our goal of 250,000 names a week.  As we penetrate larger markets, our mailing list requirements continue to grow, that's why we need you. 

Please don't confuse this offer with any kind of commission mailing or envelope stuffing offer.  You don't have to stuff envelopes, call anyone, or sell anything.  You will have no advertising costs, or postal costs, other than mailing us each batch of names you have compiled.  It does not matter if you live in a big city or small town.  This is a straight forward offer to contract with us, to process names and addresses from your area ... as many or as few as you want!  You WILL NEVER be asked for more money other than our small initial registration fee which is fully refunded if you work for our company. 

What We Need From You

You will be responsible for generating lists of names and addresses and sending them to us as often as you can for immediate payment.  Rest assured... there's no catch ...  no gimmick ... just an honest, sincere program that can make you a significant amount of money with confidence. 

What We Do With The List Of Names

These names receive our two hottest offers, our grocery certificate book, work at home directory. Three weeks later, we then resell the list to numerous clients.

How You Apply To Work For Our Company

When you register, we will even send you one of the products that we market:  a Grocery Coupon Certificate Book that saves you $200 on groceries of your choice.  If you choose not to continue with our company, you will receive a full refund of your fee but the coupon book is yours to keep.

We will pay you $2.00 for each name and address you send us. This registration inputs you into our computer pay system, which cuts checks every Friday from addresses received that week.

 Send Us 50 Names = $100

Send Us 100 Names = $200

Send Us 500 Names = $1,000

Work at home, full or part-time.  In just a few hours of your time can earn you a substantial amount of money. With this program you work at your own pace, define your own hours and remember ...  it only takes a few seconds to print a name and address on a regular sheet of paper! There is no minimum or maximum number of names and addresses you can submit for payment. We need as many as possible and hope you can be one of our top providers.

The registration fee is $30.00 plus $9.00 shipping and handling.  After being paid for your first 250 names, we will refund your Registration Fee of $30, and you can continue with our company for as long as you like.

No hassles no questions, it's that simple!

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