Product:  Boo-Boo Bunnies

Product No: HME0019

Special Skills:  None

This adorable Bunny will help make your child's Boo-Boo feel better fast! We will pay you $8.00 for each unit of 10 bunnies. Assembled simply by folding a washcloth held with a rubber band and applying felt ears, nose, eyes, tail and bow. Tools required: Sharp Scissors & Glue Gun. Refunded after 24 units have been completed

Income : $8.00 per unit of 10 bunnies = $.80 per bunny  2 UNITS per Week Allowed

Supplies:  All supplies furnished by company with a refundable deposit.

Startup Cost: $37.95.  Refund of full start-up fee after completing small number of units.   Kit includes completed sample and complete instructions. 

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.


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